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We work directly with equipment manufacturers to bring you the highest value possible. We can get direct replacement parts for all major water treatment equipment brands.

conductivity controller
Cooling Tower Conductivity Control


Custom designed solutions are available to meet any clients needs. We can provide controllers with simple bleed and feed to controllers with real time online monitoring for the most critical applications.


Brands available include: Advantage Controls, Lakewood Instruments, LMI, Pulsatrol and Walchem. Contact us to discuss your conductivity control needs. 

chemical pump
Chemical Pumps and Containment


We carry all major manufacturers of chemical injection pumps for all chemicals including strong acids and bases. Let us know which chemical you are injecting and we will customize your pump with the proper liquid end to extend the life of your injection pumps.


Safety at your facility is important. Double containment will help protect your employees from hazardous spills and is required at most facilities. Double containment bins and double containment platforms are available in all sizes.

water softener pleasanton dublin livermore
Water Softeners and Filtration


From small single tank softener units to mutiple tank systems for large cooling towers we can design the proper unit to keep your water soft. We can include dealkalizers in your system to remove Alkalinities in addition to Hardness.


Filter units available include pot feeder filter units and sidestream filter systems. Contact us with the micron requirements for your cartridge and sock filters needed.

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