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Cooling Water


Our treatment programs protect against scaling, corrosion and bacteria. Each tower system, closed loop system and process system is unique and requires the knowledge to apply the proper chemistry. Our experienced professionals will design a program to increase the efficiency and extend the life of your equipment. 


galvanized evaporative condenser
Scale and Corrosion Control


The drought has decreased the quality of water for many facilities in California. Our products will keep your towers and chillers clean without the use of acid.


Our corrosion control products will protect all systems with corrosive make up water.

cooling tower clean algae
Bacteria and Algae Control


Our EPA registered biocides and experience in applying them will keep your cooling systems clean by removing bio films and reducing microbial growth.


We provide a wide range of products including oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides. Our knowledge in the use of biocides will keep bacteria counts low, minimize algae growth and help protect against Legionella.


Our on site and lab services include the capability to test for bacteria counts and Legionella.

closed loop corrosion inhibitor
Closed Loops and Process Loops


Each closed loop and process loop contains unique metalurgy. We have a product to keep any multi metal system from experiencing costly corrosion.


We can add online corrosion testing or lab testing to any treatment program to ensure that corrosion rates are minimal.

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